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US English and Spanish Markets

Hispanic Call Centers is an exciting call center concept with a no-nonsense management style and a cutting-edge call center, Internet and Direct marketing paradigm. Hispanic Call Centers specializes in providing high-value Call Center, Internet, Direct Marketing and Data services to clients whose focus is the US English, Latin or Spanish Marketing Segments.


Hispanic Services

Hispanic Call Centers provides Spanish, Latin and English Call Center, Teleservices, Telemarketing, Internet Marketing, Direct Marketing, List and Database services in the following formats:

We hate to beat around the bush and waste your time, so here are the responses to the most frequent questions we receive ...

1. Do you do Outbound sales programs? Yes, we are very adept at outbound sales programs in Spanish and English. We generally work on a pay per hour or hybrid pay per hour plus a commission format. We will consider pay-per-performance only after a pilot period.

2. Can you handle Inbound calls? We can provide 24 x 7 Spanish and English, customer service and order taking with dedicated agents or a pay-per-call format. Generally we require some evidence of the traffic patterns of calls and a weekly minimum of 1000 minutes and a set-up generally will apply to all new programs.

3. Can you do lead generation with data sources like the Internet, mobile and social media? We are proficient at creating large scale lead generation programs in a wide range of areas. Leads can be delivered in electronic format with audio attached, or the interested callers can be transferred directly to your own staff. The best programs combine outbound call work with data generated in other medias including mobile, social networks, Internet, radio or print. If you dont have data, we can help there as well.

4. How does pricing compare in call center services? In call center services we are 50% cheaper than similar services provided from Canada and the US. We are typically 10 - 20% cheaper than other similar services from Latin America. We write clear concise contracts and focus on getting you the results you require.

5. How about Spanish and English data? We have a large inventory of lists and data for dialing, sales prospecting, e mail blasts and direct mailings in general to general US residents, Hispanics or Latinos in the United States, Mexicans in the United States, Mexicans in Mexico, Company executives, c- level etc., Diabetes data, Educational feeds, Business list including Latino and Hispanic businesses, Pharmacy data- by ailment and by prescription, Mortgage data – including weekly hotline, Auto owners- make model year, New business connects- businesses just opening, New consumer movers – households just arriving, Doctors, Lawyers, Chiropractors, Dentists, Nurses etc.

6. Besides call center services, what kinds of Direct marketing services can you provide? We are happy to offers some very exciting new direct marketing services to the Hispanic and other markets in the US. These include double optin e mail blasts, inserts in local newspapers, and door hanger in select geographic markets in the US. In the case of direct marketing you provide the creative information, and we provide the method to deliver to the target audience. These promotions can be focused exclusively upon the Hispanic or Latino market, or we can also do similar promotions aimed at other markets like Blacks, Asians, Baby Boomers etc. Talk to us to learn more.

7. How about social media, are you involved in this new area ? We are very interested in social media, and recently launched one of the pioneer social media divisions in spanish focused on helping spanish busineses take advantage of the benefits of this growing trend. We are also reps of one of the largest social media management teams in the US, who are growing extremely quickly with incredible results. Contact us for more information.

8. How about centers located in Asia or India that offer spanish or bilingual call center services, are they any good? ...ha

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Hispanic Consumers

Hispanic consumers represent the fastest growing market segment in America today.  You can not afford to miss out on this opportunity!

  1. Is your Company ready to handle these new exploding market demographics?
  2. Are you equipped to Sell and Service your product lines in a bilingual Spanish and English environment?
  3. Have you integrated your Hispanic direct market and Internet effort with a quality outbound and inbound response program?
  4. Are you using the best Hispanic and Spanish lists to drive your campaign results?
  5. Will your Hispanic telemarketing or customer service campaign really outshine your competitor's?

Many market professionals recognize that providing an integrated product and service packages frequently requires direct marketing, promotion, fulfillment, Direct response TV, call and Internet contact service, print ads, and specialized databases that are not readily available in the Hispanic Market today. Hispanic Call Centers can help you fulfill these requirements -- in Spanish or English.

Hispanic Call Centers is the Industry leader in Call Center, Direct Market and Internet provisioning to this expanding market. We are genuinely interested in helping you and your company be a success!

Whatever your requirements, in English or Spanish, let’s talk.  In these difficult times, doesn’t it make sense to work with a smart team that can provided high quality, multi-language services at a reasonable cost?

Immediate Help

  1. Expert Consultation and Needs Analysis.
  2. Service Expertise that means Quality Results.
  3. Best Prices in the Industry.
  4. No-Nonsense Attitude that gets Your Campaign up and running Fast.
  5. The best Spanish and English lists in the industry!
  6. Contact us today and we will be happy to attend to your requirements immediately.

We are celebrating more than 15 years servicing the US Spanish and English markets and would be happy to help you deploy any project with this specialized focus. Our competitive advantage lies in our seasoned bilingual staff with the cultural insight and expertise to reach this market with outstanding results ! 




Corporate offices: Hours - 9 am to 6pm CT / US Toll Free - 866.904.6927 / Email: contact@hispaniccallcenters.com

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Hispanic Call Centers is a leading provider of Spanish and English Direct and Internet Marketing services, Hispanic and English databases and lists, as well as inbound and outbound call center, telemarketing, tech support and customer services originating in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Chile, Argentina, Columbia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Panama, India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines.  General email:  contact@hispaniccallcenters.com or just CALL 1-866-904-6927. Call center services include 1-800 Order Taking, After Hours/Overflow Support For Existing Call Centers, Applications By Phone, Appointment Setting, Benefits Administration, Bilingual Call Center, Billing Inquiry Management, Brochure Request, Call Routing Services, Catalog Order Taking, Claim Status, Collections, Corporate Call Center, Credit Card Activation, Credit Card Processing, Customer Acquisition, Customer Care & Retention, Dealer Locator, Direct Response/Infomercial Call Handling, Data Entry, Disaster Recovery/Back-Up For Existing Call Centers, Dispatch Services, eCommerce Call Center Support, Email Inquiry Resolution (Automated & Custom), Fax Broadcasting/ Fax-On-Demand, Fulfillment Requests, Health Plan Services, (Primary Care Physician (PCP) Changes, Open Enrollment Plan Selection & Benefit Inquiries), Help Desk, Inbound Sales, Insurance Claims Processing, Interactive Voice Response, Lead Generation, Marketing Research, Operator Services, Order Capture, Order/Shipping Status, Outbound Telemarketing, Payment Processing / Checks By Phone, Product Registration, Promotion Sign-Up, Roadside Assistance, Rebate Administration, Reservations, Seminar Registration, Surveys, Technical Support/Troubleshooting, Telemarketing, Telesales, Third Party Verification, Voice Broadcasting, Warranty Registration & Administration, Web Chat, Welcome Calls.

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